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      • NON-GMO
      • VEGAN
      Have you ever had a craving for a nice tall glass of lawn clippings? Neither have we, which is why we developed our BeNu Greens!

      One of the most challenging parts of maintaining a balanced diet is ensuring you get the vitamins and minerals necessary to fuel your body and let’s face it, broccoli can’t hold a candle to steak. It can be much easier to get your daily recommended amount of protein (especially when you supplement with one of our delicious BeNu Whey Protein Isolate flavors), than it is to eat all the vegetables you need to reach your goals.

      Imagine having an option that supplies your body with all the same benefits of eating a full day’s worth of vegetables, in one delicious, easy to drink beverage. That’s exactly what we designed our Greens to do. It gets you all the great nutrients your body needs without the sensation of following behind a lawn mower with an open mouth. No really, you’ve never tasted Greens like this before. We can hardly believe it ourselves! So stop shoveling down pounds of broccoli and discover how easy vegetables can be with BeNu Greens!

      Super Greens Super Greens Super Greens