Whey Protein Isolate - 2lb

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Nowadays we have the ability to capture every special moment on camera. And whether you're snapping a selfie, or working that perfectly angled pose, we know you want to look your best! Here at BeNu, we believe that a high-quality protein is the single most important staple for any supplement regimen if you're looking to gain muscle mass or shed some winter layers. Protein is the fundamental building block of muscle growth, and it is imperative to have it available in your system after a workout to allow for healthy and productive recovery. Whether you're a seasoned athlete gearing up for the next competition, or someone who is just stepping into the gym for the very first time, a high quality protein will simultaneously foster muscle growth and stimulate fat loss to ignite your transformation goals. It is the key to tuning in your physique to be camera ready and give you the confidence to really let your smile shine! However, not all products are created equally, and some protein supplements don't deliver the punch they advertise. This is why we created our BeNu Whey Protein Isolate.

Whey proteins have been taken by fitness enthusiasts for decades because it’s considered to be a “complete protein,” which means it contains the nine essential amino acids needed for muscle growth. But over the past few years athletes have begun switching their preference from whey to whey isolate proteins. BeNu Whey Protein Isolate retains all the “complete” benefits of whey protein, but it reduces the amount of carbohydrates and lactose while increasing the ratio of protein per scoop. This gives you all the benefits of the protein without adding unnecessary calories! Our isolate protein contains 20 grams of protein per scoop, which is the perfect amount for your body to rapidly digest post-workout, and because it's low in lactose it is easy on your stomach. Not to mention our variety of delicious flavors that are absolutely to die for!

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