Our Mission

Who are we?

Let me tell you!

We are going to change your way of life with top quality products that set the standard!  We want to make your life better!

Uncompromising integrity is how we operate providing you with all the essential ingredients with nothing more. We cut out all of the BS.

We set the bar, and we break the mold!

We simply want you to be stronger.

To be better.

To be pure.


Be Empowered Nutrition was created by the same founders that created Curves N Combatboots.  Veterans who want nothing more than to make your life better.  That is why we are here.

These are our core pillars, the foundation that make up what BENU is and how we operate. 

  • Play the "Infinite Game"
  • Radical Transparency 
  • Be Better Everyday
  • Take Ownership!
  • Lead by Example
  • Excellence in all you do
  • Invest in others (growth)
  • Be a good person
  • Empower EVERYONE
  • Build Positive relationships
Core Values

Our Mission