When Is The Best Time Of Day To Workout?

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Workout?

When is the best time of day to workout?

This is a question I am often asked and that many of us want to know the answer to…..but is it an easy answer? Is there a certain time of day that is better? 

Well, read on to find out!



Studies have suggested that training in the afternoon may be best. Why?

Well, when you first wake up you probably feel a little stiff or tight, but as the day goes on your muscles loosen up, your heart rate sits a little higher and your core body temperature increases. 

When your body is warmer -- your muscles work better and when your muscles work better -- your overall performance is better! Overall, this can increase the energy metabolism of your muscles.

However, a solid warm-up in the morning could create the same effects.

But, let's be real! Even if science tells us, we are more warmed up and move our body’s better at a later time in the day…...the ultimate truth of the BEST TIME to workout is:


That being said, morning workouts and night workouts both have their pros and cons, 

so let’s talk about them.


To get up an hour earlier or to get that extra hour of sleep? That’s the ultimate question!


Getting a workout done and over with can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, because now you can continue on with your day and feel focused. Furthermore, When you workout your brain releases endorphins and those endorphins trigger a happy, euphoric feeling. Having this increase first thing in the morning can lead to not only a more productive day, but a more positive one as well.

Another huge positive is that you will make your workout more efficient. Most of us, if we are waking up early to workout are doing so because we have to get to work after or the kids are going to be getting up and so forth. So, with that mindset, those workouts will need to be consistent and will require full attention.

Studies have also shown that your Testosterone is at its highest levels first thing in the morning, which can be really beneficial, especially for those strength training.



If you work third shift or your sleep is simply off, then forcing your body through a morning workout will only raise your cortisol levels and put unwanted stress on your body.

You may be a person who does not like to eat first thing in the morning, maybe you even fast? And since you have not eaten since 7pm the night before, you have now gone approximately 10 hours without eating. This means your blood sugar levels will be very low which can lead to lightheadedness and nausea. *However, this is not to say that working out on an empty stomach first thing in the morning can’t have its own benefits, but we’ll save the topic of fasting for another time.

Lastly, your muscles and joints may feel stiff and if you are trying to bang out a solid 30 minute workout, it may take almost 15 minutes to feel like the blood is pumping and ready to go.




Like the research showed in the beginning, you may have more power and strength during early evening workouts compared to morning workouts. Your core temperature has risen and your muscles are awake and ready to go. 

It is also a beautiful stress reliever. If you had a rough day or need to take the focus off of something bothering you…....well, say hello to those endorphins again. 

And not only can you relieve some stress, but instead of turning to the TV and snacking the night away, you’ve now created a better, healthier habit for yourself.



On the other hand of working out being a stress reliever, knowing you still need to workout may in turn stress you out or heighten your stress.

Working out late in the evening can also make it more difficult to fall asleep. Working out creates an adrenaline rush and elevates your heart rate, so when trying to fall asleep after a workout you may feel more restless and it may be harder to fall into that deep sleep phase.



At the end of the day there are slight differences between morning and evening workouts.  Ultimately, the best time is still the time that you can commit to, maintain and enjoy!

As always, If you have ANY questions, please E-mail us by CLICKING HERE and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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  • Please send me an link to order thanks

    Audrey Jones on

  • Please send me an link to order thanks

    Audrey Jones on

  • Hey Rebecca, It is definitely okay to switch it up sometimes. The best workout is the one that you can get the most out of, so if you have a day where you know you cannot workout until the afternoon, then so be it. Certain times of the day may just provide you with more benefits than others :)

    Ashley Kailing on

  • Is it okay to switch it up & workout in the mornings sometimes & I’m the afternoon sometimes?
    Or is it best to stay consistent & work out at the same time every day?

    Rebecca Kelley on

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